1. Sick of It

From the recording When You Coming Home

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Sick of It

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These eyes were meant for looking
I could've looked another way
Save myself the misery

Your complaining wears me out sick of it I'm gone
I'm taking the dog oh, you can keep the fleas

Your mind was meant for dreaming
Oh, your dreams were crushed by me
Oh, let your mind go free

My OCD wears you out sick of it you're gone
You're taking the dog and leaving the fleas

Oh Should have bought a flea collar
Fleas in the house
Fleas in the bed
Oh no fleas in my hair

These dogs were meant for walking
Wish they'd walked right past us too
Oh, the heck we put em' through

All the fighting wears em' out sick of it he's gone
He's taking his bone guess we're stuck with the fleas